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A female tonic that assists the body's natural ability to restore harmony. In traditional cultures the female hormonal cycle is associated with Lunar cycles. Health care practitioners report that many women may experience levels of emotional or physical imbalances during these monthly hormonal changes. South American natives have used abuta for centuries to address these issues. The formula also includes Suma, Mulungu, and Passion Flower.

"I struggled for years with female imbalances. After 4 days of taking Lunazon, I'm feeling better than ever -minimal jet lag, better sleep - it may be a miracle!" - Linda Miller, Flight Attendant, Port St. Lucie, FL

It comes in tinctures and pills.
2 oz. $21
8 oz. $55
90 $21
270 $55

AFKA--You can call directly to the company and give your name. I set you up with an account so you get the preferred rate.... Love you

Anyone else- contact me so I can set you up with an account.. love
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