Mystic Dakini (murshmallow) wrote in amazon_herbs,
Mystic Dakini

Herbs in Effect

I had an amazing experience with the Herbs last week.
I had a very intense, stressful situation to endure and stay crisply present through.
I began with aquazon then Shipibo tea with Illumination, Warrior and Kavazon...
I took 6 capsules of Calmazon.........

I was rolling along pretty damn great.....
then on a little break I popped a Choca Maca......
My heart was pounding, my mind was no longer fiercely sharp.. I was excited and wanted to move around the room and shift activities....
Then i took some more kavazon and warrior and was back on track.
It was amazing to witness this so directly... It was the Suma that pepped me up.
Powerful... I usually take Sumacazon or Choca Maca throughout my day when my energy can be more playful or directed physically... But in this instance the demand was mental/intellectual.............

wanted to share with everyone!
I love Amazon Herbs.....

I ordered the Travel Pak this month and it is adorable!
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